SCouP srl also designs other specific high-performance SMA components like pin-pullers, release mechanisms and valves upon specification.

Specific consultancy related to these topics can also be provided.

SMA Couplings for pipes

  • SCouP srl manufactures specific couplings on customer specification.
    • Main specification inputs are 
      • Pipe diameter, material and other characteristics
      • Temperature range
      • Keep-out-zone
      • Pressure
      • Mechanical loads
    • Prototyping can typically be achieved  within 4-6 weeks
    • Relevant lab-testing equipment is performed in-house before short Proof-of-Concept campaign is conducted with the customer.
    • Industrialisation is customised according to required serial production rates and Product Assurance requirements.
  • Contact the team for more information.



SCouP® technology may be the solution to your pipe joint, where

  •  assembly time is critical,
  •  bi-metal joints are required,
  •  internal, post welding cleanliness is relevant,
  •  no qualified welder is at hand,
  •  welding X-Rays are either too expensive or too  difficult to assess,
  •  no arc is allowed...
  •  a clean disassembly procedure might be required








SCouP srl has technical solutions from smallest to highest pipe diameters and all currently used pipe materials.

  • Customised solutions can quickly be prototyped within a preliminary "proof of concept" phase before being industrialised with optimum costs with respect to required serial production rate and Product Assurance requirements.
  • Configurations can encompass straight connections, L, Tee etc...